You are the one who creates your unique collection. You express yourself through bold geometric patterns, vivid colors, original compositions.

Semi-finished products for jewelry

Semi-finished products for jewelry in any shape, gloss and matte, with unique embossing and reliefs, in saturated colors, with tactile texture, with precise micro-metals, with logo, designer's name, collection name. Perfectly imitating various materials.

Extraordinary lightness

Semi-finished jewelry pieces, although impressive in their size, numerous complex elements and original shapes, are extremely lightweight.

Unique designs

Unique patterns and decorations will allow you to experiment creatively and create a variety of designs.

Clothing accessories

Personalized clothing accessories including original decorative buttons, pullers for zippers, brand tags, seals, loops, crocs pins, designer bag tags, 3d tags in every shape and color. We give you the opportunity to personalize every detail to express your unique style.

Prototype, icon


Before production, we send a prototype that 100% reproduces the final product.
Quick visualization, iconic

Quick visualization

You can improve and refine the design before the final selection.
Small batches, icon

From 100 pieces

We fulfill minimum orders starting from 100 pieces.
Fast delivery icon

Fast delivery

Your product will be ready for shipment in just 7 days after ordering.