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We produce custom fully personalized pins, brooches, crocs pins in any shape, with your company logo, slogan or uploaded graphics. Original pins are great as an advertising item, clothing accessory, backpack or gadget handed out at events.

Prototype, icon


Before production, we send a prototype that 100% reproduces the final product.
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Fast delivery

Your product will be ready for shipment in just 14 days after ordering.
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From 100 pieces

We fulfill minimum orders starting from 100 pieces.
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Quick visualization

You can improve and refine the design before the final selection.


We match the best attachment method from the three available versions, taking into account the size, shape and application of your pins.


Brooches are sophisticated accessories that perfectly fit the needs of fashion designers, jewelry designers, clothing manufacturers, footwear manufacturers, jewelers, as well as chain stores, accessory suppliers and hobby stores.


Pinners with an elegant butterfly clasp are subtle accessories that add chic and sophistication to any collection. With multiple options for personalization, from fancy shapes to a 3D effect, they become a unique accessory.


Magnet pins are convenient and non-invasive accessories that can be easily attached and removed without damaging the fabric. In spatial forms, vivid colors, with a 3D effect, they will distinguish any collection in the fashion market.


Our personalization is absolutely unique - there are no limits. The pins can take any shape, color, form, pattern, lettering, logo, slogan, and even amazing protuberances and indentations that you can feel to the touch.


The pins are distinctive, thanks to their intense and saturated colors. Vibrant colors in elegant matte or striking gloss easily match a specific style and meet the needs of fashion designers and clothing manufacturers.


You can order 3D effect pins of any original shape and design. They can take the form of coats of arms, buildings, fruits, animals, abstract compositions or even reflect your logo.


The brooches provide a three-dimensional experience that adds depth and originality. It's not just decoration, it's also a sensory experience that makes the pins unique and unforgettable.

Various finishes, icon

Different finishes

You can choose keychains in classic matte or elegant gloss.
Imitation materials, icon

Imitations of materials

Keychains perfectly imitate any materials (e.g. denim, wood, metal).
Embossing and relief, icon

Embossing and reliefs

The keychains are distinguished by unique embossing and subtle reliefs.
Eco-friendly materials, icon

Ethical production

When you choose our pins, you are choosing a conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Looking for an idea
for original brooches?

We will develop a creative concept, prepare a 3D design and make a finished gadget that will surprise you! Discover the potential of our designers and create brooches that will become your unforgettable business card.

Contact us now and start the process of creating unique pins!


FAQ - Frequent questions about pinnin

1What kind of pins are you able to realize?

We are ready to realize practically any type of clothes pin according to your needs, from brooches with a classic safety pin, to pins with a butterfly clasp or stylish magnet pins. There are no restrictions on shape, color, design, logo or inscription. We create clothing ornaments that are a reproduction of your design or idea.

2How can I place an order for brooches, crocs pins, pins?

To place an order for pins, simply send an email to biuro@decard.pl

  • Specify how many pins you would like to order.
  • Choose your preferred type of material for the brooches (plastic, metal).
  • Provide your contact information: name, surname, phone number or e-mail address.
  • Provide a delivery address.
  • If you have a ready-made pin design, we encourage you to include it as an attachment to your email. This will allow us to better understand your design preferences.
  • If you don't have a ready-made design, but have a logo or other guidelines, share them in the body of the message. Our experienced graphic designers will prepare a clothing pin design especially for you. You will have the opportunity to accept the design before the final order is placed.

With this easy process, you can conveniently order plated items that perfectly reflect your preferences and expectations.

3How long does it take to process an order?

The lead time depends on the size of the order. Usually orders are processed within 7-14 days after the pin design is accepted.

4What payment and delivery options are available?

In our business model, we specialize in designing and manufacturing customized brooches, pins. Therefore, the preferred method of payment is prepayment to our bank account on the basis of a pro forma invoice.

As for delivery, we offer a courier company that provides fast and safe delivery of your order.

5Do you offer international delivery?

Yes, we provide international delivery. Our pins are available not only in European Union countries, but also outside the EU.

6Do you establish partnerships with apparel designers/manufacturers?

Yes, we maintain effective partnerships with apparel manufacturers and designers. Cooperation with us enables you to benefit from attractive pricing terms and participate in joint marketing initiatives. We warmly invite apparel manufacturers, clothing, footwear and jewelry chains to cooperate with us.

7Do you offer discounts for wholesale orders?

Yes, we provide attractive discounts for wholesale orders. If you want to know more details, you are welcome to contact our sales team. You can call us at 691 575 499 or 721 973 155, or email us at biuro@decard.pl. We are here to provide all the necessary information.

8What is the minimum order quantity of brooches, pins?

The minimum quantity for the first order is 100 pieces of pins. In the case of subsequent orders (additions), the minimum quantity can be adjusted according to current needs and be as low as 50 pieces of brooches.

9What materials are the pins made of?

In our offer you will find two types of pins:

  1. Steel pins,, in any shape and size. Their tactile print creates a 3D effect, and they are extremely durable and resistant to changing weather conditions.
  2. Plastic (resin) pinners, which offer almost unlimited shaping possibilities. Thanks to full-color 3D printing technology, we can create a variety of designs and motifs to suit your needs.
10What exactly do personalized brooches, pins mean?

Personalized brooches are special, unique products created as the realization of your idea, vision, design. Each product has a unique shape and design, tailored to your individual preferences.

The personalization process we offer has no limits. We can put any photo, logo, slogan or graphic on each piece of haberdashery. There is no limit to the number of colors we can use. We can easily transfer even the most complex patterns and color gradients to the product. Importantly, the number of colors will not affect the final price of the product.

Each crocs pin, brooch has a unique shape and design, tailored to your needs.

11 Are there any restrictions on the number of characters or designs on the pins?

We offer customized graphic designs for each client, which means there are no restrictions related to the number of characters or designs on the pins. In the case of more complicated content or designs, our experienced graphic designers will assist you, taking care of legibility and aesthetics by adjusting the size of the pins accordingly.

12What are the accepted file formats for supplied logos or designs for pin personalization?

Appropriate graphic file formats (including logos) are: pdf .ai .eps .cdr. svg.

13Can I order pins, brooches in different shapes, colors and sizes?

Of course! Both brooches and other pins made of steel or plastic, produced using full-color 3D printing technology, are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and a full range of colors.

14Does the number of colors affect the price of brooches?

No, the number of colors does not affect the price of brooches, pins. With full-color 3D printing, our customers have access to an unlimited color palette, allowing them to freely express their creativity and use a variety of shades and tones.

15Is it possible to order a prototype pin?

Of course! We provide the option to order a prototype of clothes pin. Our prototypes are carefully made and fully reflect the appearance and quality of the final product.

16Can I order brooches at no extra cost?

Yes, we offer the possibility to order brooches without any additional production fees. Our flexible offer allows you to house another batch of pins, maintaining a minimum quantity of 20 pieces, which allows you to adjust your order to your current needs.

17Do you use dies?

No, we do not use dies or die-cutters for our clothing pin orders, whether steel or plastic. Our differentiator is that there are no costs associated with dies or die-cutters, which sets our method apart from others available on the market.

18Will I get photos or videos showing the pins, brooches before production begins?

Of course! Before production, we can provide you with photos or videos that show a sample pin, brooch. This will allow you to assess exactly how the final product will look like. This will allow you to have a clear understanding of the result and possibly adjust the design to achieve the desired end result.

19What does it mean that the pins have a 3D effect?

3D effect pins are an unusual decoration, characterized by a unique texture on the surface. Thanks to the combination of convex and concave elements, we achieve a three-dimensional effect that can be both felt by touch and seen by the naked eye. This is an additional visual layer, giving the products a distinctive and attractive appearance.

20Do I need my own 3D design to order 3D space effect brooches?

No, it is not necessary for you to have your own 3D design or 3D design expertise to order 3D spatial effect pins from us. Our experienced graphic designers are ready to support you at every stage of the ordering process. From creating visualization and design to preparing files for printing. Your concepts and preferences will be professionally realized as expected.



Keychains in every color and shape. Metal keychains with 3D effect, cart tokens, fridge magnet keychains and opener keychains.


Pinners with full color printing, tactile texture, matte or glossy finish. Choose clothes pins in an individual shape to match your brand identity.


Personalized clothing accessories including original buttons, pullers for zippers, brand tags, seals, loops, crocs pins, designer bag tags.

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