See the effects of technology in the form of designer products. Best 3D realizations, technological possibilities, inspiring designs.

Full-color 3D printing

Thanks to the advanced technology of full-color 3D printing, unlimited possibilities for creating fascinating effects and unique textures open up to you. You can experiment with different shapes, colors and visual effects.

Full range of colors

Wide range of colors, accurate color reproduction, create attractive graphics and designs.

Deep, vivid colors

Saturated, crisp and deep colors with shading and gradients.

3D printing on metal

DECARD uses proprietary technology to produce spectacular ornaments and objects from metals, combining amazing design with exceptional strength and durability.

Any shape and size

We offer any size, fancy shapes and three-dimensional forms to meet your unique expectations.

Versatile applications

Products can be customized for a wide range of industries and projects, offering endless possibilities for creation.

Any texture, imitation of any material, icon

Matte or gloss

Choose from classic matte
or elegant gloss.
Finish types, icon

Any texture

Wood effect, stone, denim, leather and any other texture.
Precision craftsmanship, iconic

Precision craftsmanship

Perfect attention to detail, exceptional precision.
3D structure tactile, iconic

3D structure

A tactile spatial texture that adds depth.

Personalization without limits

The technology we use allows for virtually unlimited play with shapes, colors and patterns. We do not use ready-made templates, we create absolutely unique products.

From design to production

We are responsible for the full process from design to production and shipping, without the need for finished designs or 3D models. We create prototypes and visualizations based on your guidelines, sketches or inspiration.

Prototype, icon


Before production, we send a prototype that 100% reproduces the final product.
Fast delivery icon

Fast delivery

Your product will be ready for shipment in just 14 days after ordering.
Small batches, icon

From 100 pieces

We fulfill minimum orders starting from 100 pieces.
Quick visualization, iconic

Quick visualization

You can improve and refine the design before the final selection.