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Unique advertising gadgets – what is full personalization?

Full personalization is not just putting a logo on a product and choosing from a few standard color options. It's creating something completely unique that no one else has. It's uniqueness in its full dimension, not at 10% or 50%, but at 100%.

Personalized key ring 100% unique

In the traditional concept of personalization, the application of a logo is usually the end of the possibilities. at DECARD, this is just the beginning. With us, personalization reaches new, unlimited levels! You create a keychain that is unique in every aspect. With our keychains, your brand becomes part of a new stage in advertising - a stage where there are no limits to creativity, and a keychain is not just a gadget, but an expression of your unique vision.

Unusual promotional gadgets for sports clubs that win the hearts of fans and players from DECARD

Are you an avid sports fan, a member of a team, a sports club, an association or an active team sponsor? Would you like to stand out at sporting events and increase your brand recognition? Are you looking for something unique that goes beyond standard sports bags or towels?

Exciting news from DECARD at JA New York Fall 2023 Fair

The prestigious JA New York 2023 is coming soon, an extraordinary event that all lovers of high-end jewelry are waiting for. 300 brands, designers, manufacturers and rising stars, and at the heart of this amazing event, the manufacturer of innovative semi-finished jewelry DECARD, ready to present inspiring examples of creating unique, modern jewelry.

Discover the gadgets of the future from DECARD at the 2023 Marketing Festival – Come and join us!

Are you ready to discover innovative possibilities for your brand's visual identity? If so, we have something special for you. On September 13-14 we invite you to the International Advertising and Printing Fair, where you will find our DECARD booth number I2....

DECARD: Unusual clothing accessories at Textile Fair London 2023

The Textile Fair, to be held September 4-5, 2023 at the Business Design Centre in London, is the most important textile event in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. It's a platform where manufacturers, both local and from outside Europe, showcase the latest trends and products....

Decard at MIDORA 2023 Fair: Discover the jewelry of the future in innovative style

The MIDORA fair provides an arena for a revolutionary look at jewelry by Decard, which introduces unique semi-finished products based on advanced 3D technology. These are much more than mere ornaments - they are an opportunity for full personalization, expressing oneself in every nuance of...

Beer opener: an original corporate gadget tailored to your needs

In today's business world, where competition is increasing, it is important to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential customers. The right way to do this is to invest in original corporate gadgets, which are not only practical, but also have a unique design, corresponding to the character and aesthetics of...